Clashing nicely

Today I wore my B/W houndstooth swing coat as it was my biggest coat to accommodate all the layers I had underneath. A padded gilet, periwinkle blue Chloe boucle cardigan and a crepe black bib front dress. Black Wolford cotton velvet tights, grey leg warmers and pink spotty wellington boots. Not forgetting the chunky mustard yellow snood and vintage sheepskin hat. I looked a right picture with all the clashing colours and patterns but at least I was warm and stayed dry for the long commute into W1. Once I finally made it into the office 10.50am, I took the boots and legwarmers off and swapped them for a pair of patent peeptoe heels. What drew a lot of attention was the vintage sheepskin hat. It got a lot of strokes, a few jokes 'is it alive', and is it real comments? Like real what? Once everyone knew it was sheepskin then they seemed to relax around it. Personally I think it looks like a giant fluffy marshmallow.

I did a quick straw poll in the office to sound out people's opinion on what they thought of fur - since in these arctic conditions, the only thing that can truly keep you warm is a fur coat. I mentioned before I had a little collection of furs; bought when I was a fashion student from charity shops, vintage stores and car boot fairs. I gave up wearing them due to the strong opposition they seem to rouse in people. But tomorrow I may be brave enough to wear the floor length beaver coat as I doubt there will be many egg throwers about.


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