Day four of being back at work and I have already made a few impulse purchases SHOCK HORROR quantity over quality - but its to make up for the 9 months of being away on maternity leave and not being able to go out! The Warehouse outlet store was just up the road inside The Plaza (Thank you Tor at Fabfrocks  for the tip). I bought two brightly coloured silk dresses for £15 each (one in a paisley print the other a floral digital print) and a black leather studded double wrap belt. A little sprinkle of colour for my capsule wardrobe to see in the Spring and can also wear again for the summer months. The belt studded details should help update any outfit, as on reflection all my other belts are rather basic functional Mulberry ones. I also got a sweet little headband from Accessorize for £1.75, as all the hat wearing has left my barnet a little unruly. I couldn't find a picture of the actual dress but this one is a similar style from the current website.

It was too wet out to wear my fur coat so I settled for the forest green wool coat By Marlene Birger. Plus yellow mustard chunky knit snood (best fiver I spent on ASOS - you can double/triple it up to keep your ears/nose warm), vintage sheepskin hat and Ugg boots to schelp into the office today. A quick change of foot wear at my desk and into some heels. Finally got to wear something from my capsule wardrobe, the black pencil skirt by BCBG, grey chiffon ruffle front blouse and a navy skinny knit cardi. A very secretarial 'take a letter Miss Jones' looking outfit which is not a bad thing to give me an air of seriousness. Everyone else was drowning in baggy knits and casualness so I felt very much in charge and pulled together.

You never know who you will run into in this building which is what I love about going to work.Mickey from Dr. Who (Noel Clarke) stopped by for a meeting on our floor - he's not very tall. As I was leaving to go home, I shared the lift journey down with Nick Hancock. We were both faffing about with our bags, coats, scarves and reflections. I know, not real celebs but when I used to work in TV production (round the corner in Stephen Street) one of the day's little highlights would be the possibility of sharing the lift with Ant and Dec and listen in on them rehearsing their lines for Pop Idol (this was many moons ago). Going even further back when I used to work for the BBC I used to get a kick having lunch over-looking the Blue Peter garden.


  1. Your work outfit sounds great. Warehouse also have an outlet section on their website and I have bought a lot for my daughters from there.

  2. Hey - that Barbie Ghost chair is in the sale!

    WEM x


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