Last night's celebration was a hoot; in these save and splurge times we ate Tesco's roast pheasant served with stuffed courgettes, parsnips and carrots. Dessert was M&S chocolate fondant with chantilley cream washed down with two glasses of pink prosecco from Waitrose - not a bad substitute for the real bubbles - Billicart Salmon Rose - THE best pink champagne for celebrations. I even managed to stay up past 1am which is a real feat considering the last four months I have never managed beyond 10pm as a lie is no longer feasible with 3 tots. So with a clear head and empty roads I took a trip on the A3 to visit a good friend A and her new baby. Now I hate that dual carriageway - I always panic that I will accidently forget to turn off and end up all the way in Portsmouth. My present for the new mum (3 day labour and ventouse) was Guerlain Midnight Secret, a true saviour for the skin/sleep in a jar and a pair of Robeeze  baby shoes. These baby shoes are so cute and with their special designs they cannot be kicked off, so hugely practical. As there is nothing more irritating than hunting around for a missing baby shoe. The new addition was a real darling and at 4 days old had a full head of hair. A had to sit on a rubber ring and we talked at length about the whole ordeal but I reassured her it will become a distant memory and happier memories will fill its place. Baby's first smile, first laugh, first words etc. If I had still dwelled on what happened to me 3 years ago with the curly haired beauty, I would never have had a second/third baby. As I too had a 3 day labour (3 midwife shift changes, legs in stirrups, you name the drugs, I had it all). I could have married that anesthetist when he arrived!    

Of course I didn't tell her that I wasn't going to have any more kids - but most people assume I won't, as having three is enough - one each and a spare. The twins early arrival was so unexpected and filled with such fear. I still get the chills from the memories of not hearing the second baby cry. But he and his brother have come on so much, showing their lively personalities. It will pass as they hit their development milestones and we can relax a bit. So far they are consistently 2/3 months behind their actual age. So in a way I am glad 2009 is well and truly over and look forward to what 2010 has to offer.

I go back to work in 10 days and am so looking forward to being in W1 again. Without the temptations of Primarni/Hennes/Zara/Mango during my maternity leave. Its been a real revelation/hardship not having my usual instant shopping fix. But I have been able to really assess what I truly need/want. and save a bundle. Next on my must have list is a classic watch. I lost out last month on an Omega Constellation watch up for auction (by 10 quid - gutted! No it was not on Ebay but from a reputable auction house) now I think I shall hold out for a Jaeger Le Couture Reverso watch. I can dream! Aim high, aim BIG for 2010 sweetie


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