Sheeps Clothing

People are funny creatures - a seemingly intelligent woman at the office who is really lovely and well-traveled did not put two-and-two together. We were talking about my vintage sheepskin hat, a vast blonde marshmallow object  that has become a bit of a talking point in the office. Sheepskin is made from Sheeps, Skin......I pointed out it was no different to wearing Ugg boots that everybody else was wearing in the office this winter. She seemed to relax a bit once she had made the connection - she wears leather shoes herself. It reminds me of the story of Pamela Anderson - a big supporter of PETA and ardent wearer of Ugg boots. Pam bless her thought Uggs were made from Sheep's wool!

I have noticed now I am back in W1, there are a lot more fur wearers out and about the streets. Fashioney/media type Students wearing vintage at the station, older women in full length coats in Oxford St (German tourists I think). Yes it has been exceptionally cold and if we hit another cold snap (as fore-casted) I will be wearing my vintage furs also. Let me re-iterate I am against cruelty to animals and don't believe animals should suffer in anyway. But some of my coats/jackets are over 50 years old and some were purchased from charity shops. Stella McCartney the most high profile of vegetarians (like her mother) does not use fur, leather etc. in her fashion collection but has been known to wear cowboy boots. When this was pointed out to her she exclaimed they were 'vintage' so in her eyes it was OK to wear. What do you think?


  1. I used to wear vintage fur finds when I was a student and told people it was fake so as not to be seen to condone skinning animals for fashion. I don't wear fur any longer but I do wear leather. I also eat meat again after 22 years of not. I think as long as the animal wasn't killed purely for fashion its better but not ideal, so sadly fur coats are out for me.

  2. I think Stella is a hypocrite! Either you do or you don't. If animals are killed for meat, to me thats OK if then their skins are used for clothing. I don't like to hear about animals being slayed purely for clothing and the way it is done is disgusting. I don't own any fur but do wear leather.


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