Bare faced

The other day I forgot my make-up bag I was franticly searching for it in my handbag on the train. Gutted what was I to do?  My face was all blotchy from the cold weather and my nose was shining like a beacon. I normally do my make-up on the train (hiding at the end of the carriage) because if I tried to do it at home Curly haired beauty would want to copy me and put some on too (but it’s a bit much for pre-school). She has her own make-up bag full of my old cosmetics so it is pretty good going for a 3 year old to have the likes of Lancome and Chanel to play with. My logic is it there will be less chance of her having an allergic reaction to the make-up as its all been well tested. It keeps her hands off my ‘good’ stuff and my rules are we wash it all off afterwards and not wear it outside of the home.

There was no way I could get to a department store to re-stock my usual brands and I really didn’t want to spend the money. I had a light bulb moment and when the train pulled into Charing Cross station I headed straight to the large Boots next door. Now I normally do premium brands like Philosophy, Bobbie Brown, Laura Mercier etc. Faced with Boots No 7, Maybelline and Bourjois I didn’t have a clue what would work on me for a quick fix. I homed in on products that were a close colour match to my normal products and scored a real result. Bourjois Mineral Matte foundation in shade 85, did exactly what it said on the tin. Using my fingers I dipped into the sample and swiped it over my face.

 It blended in very well and did a good job evening out my skin tone. I squeezed out some Boots No 17 Goddess Endless Shine lip gloss onto my little finger and applied to my lips. I kept an eye out to see if any staff had spotted me using all the testers but luckily there were a large gaggle of Japanese students distracting them. The last bit was some Maybelline cream blusher and I was all set to face the office. Phew panic over – and lesson learnt, never step out of the house without your make-up bag.  


  1. Well done you! I would probably have just started crying and made myself look even worse!

  2. Good work! There's nothing like make up stand samples for rescue material.


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