French Pharmacy Fave

My very kind French colleague has brought back a French pharmacy beauty haul for me as I was running low on Collosol. She had to hunt it down as she tried 8 pharmacy stores during the holidays.

Along with cleansing my face with Bioderma Sensibo Micellar water, I like to use this afterwards as a double cleanse to leave my skin softer during these cold winter months - but avoid the eye areas as it does sting if you are sensitive to perfume.

It's so versatile you can also add it into bath water and bathe in it like Karl Lagerfield. Think of it like an adult version of Oilatum! A big bottle lasts a looong time, these bottles are 400ml so it should see me through to my next trip to Paris.

But if you need to get your hands on it then this website will ship to you in the UK. For those of you in the US you can try here .

twosp x


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