What's in my Bag

I'm trying to edit down what I daily carry out and about with me to save on having hunched shoulders and to help my posture - I have a pink Gap Leather cross over purse which handy card slots (for my bazzilion loyalty cards), room enough for a coin purse, mobile, 2 x lipsticks, balm and powder.

I recently switched over from an iPhone 6 back to a smaller mobile, the iPhone SE (same size as the iPhone 5). Annoyingly I only upgraded my iPhone 5 due to the battery performance (or lack of) and hearing now that Apple purposely ran down performance of the older mobiles is not cool!

So I dug out my old iPhone 5 and went to iSmash and got the battery replaced for £39.99 and it works again. So now the kids have another device to play apps on.

My new phone has been suitably covered in a ombre glitter case - who doesn't want more sparkle in their life? God bless Claires for providing the glamour. Coincidentally to  match is the Glossier Balm dotcom in Birthday with its holographic sheen. This winter weather is playing havoc with my cuticles and smearing this has helped all the dried bits and I also use if on my lips over the Glossier Generation lipstick in Jam for more shine.  I also carry a teeny tiny lipstick by Charlotte Tilbury in Secret Salma. It's a rose plum shade and very natural looking when applied to make my lips look a better version of themselves. Finally gotta have powder for those touch ups. I'm really liking Soap and Glory's One Heck of a Blot  (love that name). It does the job well taking off the shine on my nose. The compact has lasted me ages and does not leave a cakey look or clog my pores.

What do you have in your bag?
twosp x


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