It’s not a cauliflower steak

Tsk to M&S for selling cauliflower steaks , so glad social media called them out for their overpriced nonsense. You might as well just spend £1.50 like I did and cook a whole cauliflower. Recipe from the Twisted cook book - help from the Gourmand who kindly held the book to show off our efforts were not far off from the photo in the book.

It does make an unusual centre piece with cries of 'what is it?' when I served it up. The Tikka marinade certainly helped make the cauliflower look a lot more interesting than a cheesy sauce. I always thought cauliflower cheese was the blandest looking thing and it's often served with fish, so on a white plate it was never an appealing meal for me!

I'm making more effort to cook vegetables that still look like vegetables, rather than try and disguise them ( mashed up in a ragu sauce) to get the kids to eat them. There was a stage between 3-6 years old when presented anything vegetably would be met with disgust!

Which was immensely frustrating just serving peas or cucumber with every meal as that was what they would only eat. But now they will chomp down rocket salad, butternut squash, mushrooms etc. I'm also glad they by passed the chips with everything stage.

I used to work for a guy whose young son never ate any fruit or vegetables apart from chips. They had hoped a holiday in the Bahamas would encourage him to eat melons or fresh pineapples but nah he still wanted chips with every thing.


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