Just Desserts

Having time off from work to be with the family during the festive holidays; meant I had more time to 'cook' a few new things.

When I mean cook, I really mean assembling a few store bought things and offering it up as homemade.

After watching and getting inspired by Jamie's Italian Christmas. I had a go at making Tiramisu. Although my version has Baileys cream in it and I used chocolate curls to decorate the top. Baileys cream is the top dog, the best invention ever. My favorite after dinner tipple in the winter but laden in thick unctuous cream. Yum!  Even though listed in the ingredients Baileys only accounts for 2%.

No complaints from D when he tried this and he normally hates coffee style desserts. For the kids I warmed up some buckwheat galettes (egg free & perfect for Allergy Boy) and filled them with sliced bananas,  Clarks caramel sauce ( a super tasty sauce) and squeezy cream. 
It was the only way to get fruit into them during the holidays. They have been trying to include their Terry's Chocolate Orange as part of their 5 a day. Cheeky!

twosp x 


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