Thinking of Summer

If like me, you spend too much time creating Pinterest boards to while away a rainy afternoon – goodness knows we have had a few of those recently! I had an unhealthy obsession with Jane Birkin and her straw baskets. There was just something so gloriously simple and summery about her look in the 60’s. She was famous for toting her straw basket around Paris until her partner, Serge Gainsborough, ran over it with a car (he hated her basket). Finally there is now a UK stockist who sell her lookalike lidded basket .

I know the quality will be fantastic as I have previously bought two other straw baskets last year from Bohemia Design which I used a lot, to carry EVERYTHING. They are pretty tough and deceptively cavernous. I love the stores ethical ethos using artisan producers and building a meaningful relationship with them to support their craft.

The Pom pom basket was so attractive to Mr. Fashion, he loved to sidle up and squeeze them without me seeing him. The are pretty plush and squeezable but it did mean me telling him ‘don’t squeeze my pom poms’ another thing I never thought I would say! And the Sienna Basket  could hold a lot of shopping including a packet of cereal. Which really amazed the woman at the check out counter in Tescos.

I could use some Summer cheers as this Winter drags on and on. I know I shouldn’t complain but as a Brit, I feel I can moan about the weather! I’m planning on getting the smaller size basket and edit down my daily gear. I've already booked a few summer breaks to give me something to look forward too. 

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