Remember - Life is a long road trip

I re-started blogging because I wanted a place to record things, events, experiences, even what I ate etc. It's to do with heading towards something called pre menopausal and memory loss can be something that effects you; you can read a bit more by Gillian Anderson on what it is.

Now I have always been blessed with a great memory, I can recall long ago conversations, birthday dates, telephone numbers, surnames from childhood friends but every now again something slips. Did I pay the school dinner money? What on earth did I do last weekend?

Remembering all the details, being the history oracle in the family is what defined me and is part of my personality (childhood nickname was Mezmo) and I fear it ebbing away as part of the female 'change' is frightening and rather cruel. So please bear with me as I record my activities here.

There are also some very good tips on Sleeping habits  as that is also another thing I have been experiencing which is out of the norm for me. I used to be able to go to sleep straight away. Ear plugs in (D is a snorer ), out for the count, no getting up in the middle of the night for the loo, pure straight undisturbed sleep for 7 hours. The kids have all been trained not to wake me (they wake their dad instead!).

I love my SLEEP, my time to recharge the body, empty the mind, hot water bottle for my toes, Comfy brushed cotton PJ's, silk pillowcase, sweet dreams. Now I sleep fitfully, it takes me ages to get off to sleep, I wake up at the slightest noise, I wake up far earlier than I have too. Lying in the dark listening the the whirling noise of the boiler as the timer kicks in to start the central heating 5.30am ready for my 6am wake up. So unfair!

Before I forget I really must get round to finding out the recipe for my mums soya sauce chicken!
twosp x


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