More Desserts

I nearly typed More Desert in the blog header #brainfog

I love eating out and always try and make space for dessert and skip the starter – as who can realistically eat 3 courses in one sitting and still function without wanting to take a nap? A little round up of the sweet treats I ate.

Colony Grill in Mayfair

Banana Split 
Apple Pie a la Mode – sparking a debate around the table what a la Mode meant (NB sat around the table  are all former Fashion/Graphic Design students!)

Zizzi – Bow Street
Lunch here before I went to see The Nutcracker at the Royal Opera House with 2 out of the 3 kids
Sticky Toffee Clementine pudding with boozy custard – I wish the spoon was smaller so I could scrape out more of the thick custard from the pot…

Ice Cream Sundae – Afters
You cannot tell how HUGE this is from the photo. We can never finish anything in here and this was consumed on a snowy wet December evening. It was COLD in and out!

Ole & Steen in Victoria
Technically not a dessert but a pit stop for coffee and cakes here. A lot of cream and helpfully some fruit to make it seem more healthy, as pointed out by the curly haired beauty.

Sister in laws homemade tiramisu and the Jelly in the background is from Waitrose the one that was in all their TV Christmas adverts. Very deceptive looking big box and smaller content inside. Very tart raspberries but still lovely and light to off set a hearty lunch. 

Gingerbread houses - created by the kids.

Kits from Tesco and great value at £5 each, as it kept them amused during the holidays. No faff of having to bake the biscuits, cool them and build them. Everything you needed was inside including: ready made ginger bread, a tray to help keep the house upright and the sweetie decorations.  I would certainly buy these again.


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