When I hit 30 I  went on a bit of a health kick, I had a total detox and gave up eating wheat and diary for a month. It was fashionable at the time so I had Colonic Hydrotherapy (against my sisters advice - she is a nurse). For the squeamish it wasn't a bad experience, no embarrassing leaking afterwards etc. and I did feel very light on my feet and my stomach was super flat. Of course I undid all the good work afterwards by celebrating my birthday in Florence; stuffing my face with truffled pasta and wonderful Italian ice cream.

As I am nearing my birthday I am dreading another digit to add to my age (going to be 38). So I'm thinking of going back to The Balance Clinic and giving their one day mini-cleanse a try out. Weirdly I am looking to becoming 40 as I have planned a massive shopping trip to New York sans enfants.


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