A very happy birthday girl

I had just the loveliest birthday celebration yesterday. I didn't quite get breakfast in bed, as the clock change took us all by surprise and the twins demanded an early feed. Both were back asleep by 7am, so we enjoyed an uninterrupted breakfast of Smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels - using the Bagel Slicer, its completely brilliant and I cannot think why we have been doing without one. Later on D and I took Thing 1 and 2 for lunch at Bibendum my favorite Conran restaurant - its very pram friendly if you have a double buggy like we do. I had half a dozen native oysters and crab mayonnaise. It took me forever to crack all the shell and get the bits out. It was like a scene from 'Splash' I'm not kidding you! Both babies managed to sleep through like angels so I could almost believe I was childless - but D was franticly rocking the pram with one arm and eating with the other.

Afterwards we headed for the V&A as I wanted to see the new ceramics department. Its amazing and well laid out, in a pile them high kind of way. I took several photos of the babies next to some ceramics - future evidence that we tried to start their art education early. The twins got complimented for being the best form of art ever by some passing tourists - they really do get a lot of attention but I never dress them up alike as they are not identical. I spent a lot of my childhood in matching outfits with my sis, so I didn't want that hassle for my two.

This French tea set in the last room caught my eye, I love the pink and gold gliding combination. Looking at all the teapots gave me a bit of a thirst so we headed outside to the garden cafe for a cuppa and a brownie. A perfect day doing all the things I wanted to do - thanks D xxx :-)


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