Ugg Time

It really does feel autumnal now and its about time I dig out my trusty old Ugg boots. I bought them from Stella B  a week before I gave birth to the Curly haired beauty and have certainly stood the test of time. Back then in my total hormonal state I had really wanted a pair of high heels but nothing fitted my puffy swollen hooves - so the very patient Basi and Karen suggested maybe I should try on a pair of Crocs. Now I hate Crocs! I even joined the Facebook group 'I hate Crocs they are so Ugly'. And I told them as much. I really wanted to buy something that fitted right away.

They had just had a delivery of the latest Uggs and had not unpacked and put them out on display. So I snatched the size 5's, paid for them and waddled out. I was a little ashamed of my behavior. I have since been back and despite being a tiny shop, have a great stock of shoes by Rapetto, Pretty Ballerina, Superga etc. Currently they have on sale a pair of Jackson Twins knee high boots for #50, down from #234


  1. Yes a big no to crocs!
    It does seem like a great little shop, might venture over.

  2. Agree Crocs are vile and I would love to join that Facebook group! A big yes to Uggs, can't beat them for the school runs!


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