A genius idea

One of my guilty pleasures is to watch Don't Tell the Bride , where the groom has a week to organise a wedding without any input from his other half. Its a hoot to hear them lie to the vicar/reverend/priest to explain why they want to get married in the church (they all know that's what the bride wants!) Over the weekend I got my hair done and in conversation with my stylist we hit upon a genius idea.

What if we could provide a fairy tale looking churchlike building, with a long aisle, organise a choir, have a beautiful rose garden outside for the photos, with space for a marquee reception afterwards; without the hassle of actually lying to the vicar/reverend/priest/god! They have something similar in Japan where you can book a themed wedding and a 'Western one' is a very popular choice as the brides love to wear the big meringue number. Although Hello Kitty is very popular out there too which may be a bit unusual for British tastes!  

Does anyone know of a defunct pretty looking church I could buy?


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