Perfect Retreat

I don't do camping, the outdoor life does not suit me and I find the whole idea of fresh, fresh air really appalling! To be honest I have never really tried it, the closest I came to sleeping out in the elements was at a friends Pine Finnish Chalet which was kitted out with a shower and other mod cons overlooking the waters edge. But if I was forced to stay on a campsite then I would probably choose an Airstream trailer and there are many to choose from at Vintage Vacations based on the Isle of Wight. Now D is looking for a retreat away from the 3 under 3. We don't have a shed for him to hide in. But I love this neat idea that Marie had for her husband. She imported an Airstream trailer and renovated it to become an office at the end of the garden.


  1. I'd love a mobile home or beach hut on the south coast some where, in lieu of a French holiday home that I lust after...


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