Creed Selection Verte

As D and I were leaving Selfridges we passed the Creed perfume counter - since Xmas is only like 54 days away (yikes!) I thought I would steer D towards it and see if he would like what I like, so I could get that for him as his present. Now its no secret I love Cary Grant, his films with Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly etc. are my all time faves. In the BB days (before babies) I would love to pop on a video, sit on the sofa and pull the duvet over me and just watch the man in action. Creed created a bespoke cologne for CG called Selection Verte, its very similar to Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte and Miller Harris Tangerine Vert. There is no way my D could ever be like CG but he can at least smell like him!


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