Never again

A few years ago for my sister, my only one and my (identical) twin to boot - I agreed to make her wedding cake - a stack of cupcakes in silver foil cases, iced in white with a pink sugar rose. This experience put me off baking for nearly a year! Now I love cupcakes, I love the whole naughty but nice, not sharing experience of sinking your teeth into something so pretty. Like a fool I didn't realise she would turn into Bridezilla and want it perfect. Every weekend I would slave away working out the perfect cupcake recipe and take the rejected cakes into the office to giveaway and make room for the next batch. Plus there was only one place that sold THE pink sugar roses (in deepest Tooting, Sugarart). I finally chanced upon Nigella Lawson's cupcake recipe. I had to increase the ingredients as I was baking 200 of them. I had cakes in my fridge, my mum's fridge and D's fridge (this is before we got hitched). On the day of the actual wedding I had such a stressful time getting to the venue  it was not fun going up the winding streets of Richmond Hill with a load of tuppaware boxes squashed into D's MR2. In the end it all worked out well, there are lots of photos of me with a very shiny face looking manic hoping I had not poisoned anyone.


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