Diamonds are a girls best friend

After spending many fustrating times trying to slice a bagel in half and losing several fingernails in the process I told D, we will not eat anymore bagels until I get a Bagel Slicer - as seen in The OC. He thought it would be the perfect gift for my birthday, so its on order and is on its way - Mmmm hugely practical and befits my status as a temp housewife but not what I had in mind. Had I not been so hasty and angry with my bagel slicing efforts - I should have steered him towards the Tiffany website as I really want/need DIAMONDS.

I just love the 'Diamond by the Yard' range at Tiffany's. Something so simple, pretty and wearable for everyday. I am torn between the 3 diamond necklace (to represent the 3 babies I had) or get the aquarmarine version and see if Tiffany can customise the middle stone for a pink sapphire (1 girl and 2 boys). I will have to make a special trip to Bond Street to try them out and see if its possible. D set the bar really high last year when I got the most beautiful platinum and diamond Etoile style ring - a combined 'Birthday/Yes I'm really happy you are pregnant' gift. It was totally unexpected, he spotted it at an auction and just knew I would love it and it fitted perfectly. Of course by Christmas when we found out I was expecting twins he thought we should pawn it and use the money for the double trouble childcare costs.


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