Smells like Christmas is coming

I had mentioned in a previous post 'Christmas'! Mmmm we haven't had Halloween, Bonfire night or Thanksgiving (I work for Americans - so the New York office shuts down which gives our phones/emails a bit of a break). Liberty have got this voucher offer at their in-store Murdock mens grooming salon. Perfect for D as he could do with some TLC. They use the fabled Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy products which are just heavenly - created by Dominican monks in Florence. They have just the very best hair conditioner ever, even better than Philip Kingsley Elasticizer which Naomi Campbell swears by. My very kind friend R, used to go to Florence for work and would often bring me back jars of the hair conditioner. You can visit the smaller SMN pharmacy in Walton Street, London. But it doesn't have the wonderful ornate ceilings as the original store in Florence.


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