Food Heaven

I am still recovering from my experience at Pierre Koffmans pop up restaurant on Selfridges roof tops. My tweets were pretty basic as I was totally blown away by the food, completely delicious. I know a lot of foodie bloggers have done brilliant in-depth reviews. D and I were a bit rubbish at remembering what we had ordered so when it arrived we kept eating and asking what is this flavour, is that celeriac, I can taste lemon, why does the onion slice taste like smoked bacon etc. An amusee bouche arrived but no one explained what it was, think it had some sort of smoked ham, herring thing but tasted yummy. I ordered a glass of Mumm champagne to wet my appetite.

For starters I ordered the Pan fried Fois gras - which came presented with a creamy foam, a tart apple 'smear' sauce set on a lattice base of crispy potato . It was so melt in the mouth, light and not at all rich tasting that I could have eaten it over hundred times.  D had the Lobster and avocado in lemon jelly. It was served in a martini glass. He said it was a perfect balance of flavours and textures.

Our mains followed quickly I had pigs trotters, stuffed with sweetbread served with mash. I can see why this is a PK classic - I am not one for eating red meat but I had to give this a try. I don't want to sound like one of the judges from Masterchef and say unctuous but the flavours were unexpected, delicate, not strong, a bit like oxtail. The mash was creamy and to be truthful a bit similar tasting to M&S Ultimate mash. D had the Sea Bream and declared this dish better than the one at The Square. As it was a big bit of fillet over a bed of seasonal mini veg, swimming in a yellow sauce - we have no idea what that was, I thought tarragon, but D thinks it was something else.)

For dessert I had to go for the classic Pistachio souffle. It arrived with much ceremony, a cross was delicately etched on the surface and pistachio ice cream with spooned into the space. We watched it sink slowly in before I tucked into it. The contrast of warm souffle with the cold ice cream was heavenly. A glass of demi-sec Mumm champagne went very nicely with it. The inside of the ramekin had been dusted with cocoa powder so there was a subtle hint of chocolate too. D had a rich chocolate mousse with orange compote and ice cream. We shared a bit of each others but were pretty happy to stick to our choices.

Because service was so prompt there was never really enough time to digest between courses. So I opted for some fresh mint tea to help stop my insides from groaning and to my shame could not finish the petit fours that came with it. I waddled out a very happy lady and would love to go back again to experience the amazing talents of PK.


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