Yum yums

Its come round so quick second/third time around - time to get the blender out and start churning out baby mush. Today I made a load of parsnip and pear puree for Thing 1 and 2. I learnt my lesson first time round when I started out with carrots and was amazed how staining it was on everything it came into contact with.

The thing is, with the curly haired beauty I slavishly followed Annabel Karmel; before she hit one she had a rich and varied diet of the most tasty and interesting food. Then toddlerdom hit and all she wanted was ham, cheese, brioche. It took ages to try and convince her to eat something different but with her approaching 3 she has developed a taste for marmite sandwiches, spaghetti hoops, frankfurters and fish fingers. I recently made homemade fishcakes and tried to convince her they were round fish fingers but she was having none of that!


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