It was my Australian friend F who told me how she survived the British winter weather, wear thermals! She did the whole thing, long johns, thermal vest, thermal long sleeve tops, leg warmers. You name it she wore it. 10 years on she is still in this country and not missing Summer Bay (she is from where they film the soap show). Now I used to poo poo the idea - but with the cold snap it just makes a lot of sense. Of course if you tried to go buy any on the high st right now - M&S have only got Spring stuff in and Damart (the old ladies favorite) no longer have a retail presence in Regent St. Thank goodness Uniqlo still have the sense to stock their HeatTech designs in stores. A handy bonus is its all on sale for 2.99-4.99. Its in a lovely silky fabric with not a hint of fluff, holey pattern or lace trim so can  be worn under everything without adding baulk.


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