Jolly Good Egg

Its been snowing in W1 yesterday afternoon – Spring seems so far away but I have seen the crocus’s and daffodils pushing their way up in the garden. Next week is the start of March, a brand new season and a month closer to Easter. Mmmmm Easter, Easter Eggs, yes I associate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ with the sweet brown stuff - I have been dreaming about Hotel Chocolate Ostrich Egg, it weighs approx 1.2 Kg, that's a lot of chocolate  – I got sent their catalogue, those naughty marketing types know how to seduce me…..I would gladly swap the Mother’s Day selection (HINT 14th March) for this whopping chocolate egg. Their eggs have a thicker chocolate shell and there is just something so satisfying about eating chocolate eggs – it just tastes better. Curly Haired Beauty can have a Tiddly pot of chocolate bunnies. Thing 1 and Thing 2 can watch us scoff the lot. I love watching their little faces mimic our chewing (with added drool). I suppose I can cut some whole wheat toast into bunny shapes so they can participate and not feel they are missing out.

Now I can’t concentrate and I am salivating over the pictures…how sad is that.   


  1. That Egg sounds yummy. I love Lindt Bunnies!

  2. Oh my oh my both you and wee birdy are wetting my chocolate appetite. None for me until Easter!

  3. Oh I am such a chocoholic, and this post is making me want to pop to the shop for a shop for a choccy bar! Yum!


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