Where's my mug?

When D and I were dating years ago - he used to buy me funny little presents from his travels. One time he stopped off at Cadburys World and got me a chocolate mug. It was a really sweet gesture as it wasn't really on his way but I had previously mentioned I had always wanted one - this was before the days of internet shopping where now you can buy anything over the web.

I wonder now with all the hoo ha over the Cadburys buy out by Kraft, if Cadburys World will exist for much longer? Not that I think I would get much on ebay if I flogged the mug. I can't even think where it is now after the multiple house moves we've had. In 2008 we moved house twice in 4 weeks and I had started a new job. The stress was enormous and we said we'll never do that again. Of course this was before we found out later in the year I was expecting twins - that was doubly stressful! Roll on 2009 April and well the twins arriving nine weeks early just took the biscuit. I cried non-stop for 2 months.

We still haven't fully unpacked and the DVD player is still in bubble wrap so Curly Haired Beauty will never know the delights of Baby Einstein. Most of my clothes are stuffed in holdalls stacked against the bed; with only the work wear hanging up in the wardrobe. I probably only wear 20% of what I own as the other 80% are not readily accessible. I had thought it was a clever idea to clear some space and store out of season clothes in the attic. Only for my brother to borrow back his ladder and now we cannot get up there.....


  1. Unpacking in the worst - I don't envy you at all! I hope they don't get rid of cadburys world - I went there as a young teen and it was a great day out!


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