Right now Curly Haired Beauty is really into reading Thomas the tank engine.
I have to say ’Once upon a time and then we read out the names of all the engines on the back of the book.
There are a lot of trains; they all have really silly names for trains.
I have accidentally named Thing 1 and Thing 2 after trains!
CHB knows all their names by heart – she can’t really read properly but recognises her name and a few words and all her alphabet. She must have a very good memory for a 3 year old.
D has been coaching her to read with phonetics – we find her chatting to herself sounding out letters and pointing to road signs. Sssssss aaaaaaahhhh ppuuuuuurrrrrrrr.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 love books – but they like to eat them.
I have lots of chewed up books with corners missing.
All of CHB baby books which were in immaculate condition have been destroyed in a matter of weeks by the teething twosome.

I can really see the difference in boy babies compared to girl babies. I am so not prepared for a boy’s world. We are in trouble…


  1. Hi there!! Sounds like you really have your hands full with three little ones, they sound so adorable-at that age, they are just so funny and cute!! Love the blog and I loved the fruit and veg 5 a day post, I really need to follow this too, LOL!

  2. That's boy twins for you! I've had to build Thomas Tank rail track this morning - I won't tell what I muttered under my breadth!

  3. CHB sounds like mini-me, very bright little girls that love to read and can recite endless stories back word for word... Boys are definitely a different kettle of fish...


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