I need a haircut, its been nearly 8 weeks since I last got my hair done. I was suppose to get it cut last Saturday but a call from the salon - which I have been going to for the last 7 years told me the sad news Snaz, my stylist, is no longer with them. I am heartbroken :-( She first knew me as a newlywed in my honeymoon period, good job, bad job, in-between job etc. She always gave me the exact cut I wanted and made me a happy women when I exited the salon. In all that time I moved house 4 times and had 3 kids but always went back to her in East Dulwich. She gave Curly Haired Beauty her first ever haircut, laminated the bits and put it on a certificate for being brave. I was looking forward to carrying on the tradition so Thing 1 and Thing 2 could have their first haircut with her, they turn one in April, but that is now sadly not to be.

Whenever times got tough being a mum, and I wanted out of the house. I always knew I had a trip to the salon every 7 weeks to go see Snaz. It was the pact I made with D that I would never give up this part of my lifestyle when we became parents. A few hours away was the perfect tonic to reclaim the old me again. I shall miss her ever so much.

The annoying thing about Snaz is I share the same doctor as her, I live in the same area as her, I know her dad is a fireman, her boyfriends name, her star sign but I don't know her bloody real name! I have been in this situation before, where I built a trusted relationship with a hairdresser, only to have them move on and have no way of tracking them down. Sob what shall I do? Well my tresses need attention so I did what any insane hormonal, sleep deprived, getting over winter flu woman would do. I booked an appointment with a stylist at Charles Worthington, who has a salon near my office. I am hoping a reputable salon with such a big name would be a pair of trusted hands and leave my crowning glory looking good. Appointment is next Friday (just in time for payday) and I shall report back how everything went. I am little nervous but maybe its time I started going to a more grown-up salon.


  1. Oh how annoying. I was lucky and saw my hairdresser (also in East Dulwich!!) just before he left the salon, got his mobile number and now go round to his house for a cut. Haven't had mine done since the babies arrived (argh - five months!) but am going next week.

  2. Launch a twitter appeal to find her!


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