Feeling sick

I've been sick on and off since the weekend hence no blogging, tweets etc. Just the occasional facebook update on my health for those who are concerned. This winter vomiting bug is brutal. Germ monster/curly haired beauty is the guilty culprit for passing it onto me.  Thing 1 keeps crying on and off in his sleep due to his teeth coming through. Thing 2 is not far behind - thank goodness for Calpol. 6.30pm is meds time in our household.

So another evening on the sofa watching mindnumbing ITV2 - for some reason the telly is always tuned into this channel when I'm sick. American Idol with Ellen?? WTF?? Romcoms with Sandra Bullock - check!
One saviour to stop the brain rot is reading the Valentines edition of Martha Stewart Living magazine. The wholesome do goodyness of it - make your own, decorate it, cook it, organise it etc. I should feel worn out reading all the ideas but its perky is the tonic I need to cheer me up. Not that I would have the energy to make or do anything this weekend - triple whammy, Valentines Day, Anniversary, Chinese New Year.


  1. Hey thank you for commenting on my lament! Hope you are feeling better soon, I watch American Idol without the excuse of being poorly. I think I need help.

  2. I salute you as a mother of 3 under 3... I have a 3 year old and it's such hard work. Hope you feel better soon...

  3. Oh gosh you must feel like...isn't it dreadful when lurgies strike and the kids still need attending to.

    Also I wanted to invite you to my MA showcase but don't know your email address

  4. Thank you, thank you am much better now you can email direct : onesugarplease@googlemail.com


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