Mirror Mirror

For nearly two years I have been standing on my bed to get a full length view of myself in the mornings when getting dressed. It’s the only way I can see what I look like, top to toe, reflected in my dressing table mirror. Curly Haired Beauty normally joins me and has a bounce around the bed. I really miss my old mirror which is still carefully wrapped up and stored away. It’s a huge beast of a looking glass, antique Venetian with lots of glass scrolls, ornate pink and clear flowers. It has patina with the silver slightly eroded and hazy around the edges but this does not detract from its beauty or use as a mirror. It actually makes you look good, framed in such a pretty setting. In our last home we had to drill the hugest hole and fix two super strong bolt hooks to keep it up. I used to worry it would fall and shatter into a million pieces as it’s so heavy.

It was a present from D, to cheer me up after I heard I was going to be made redundant from my then TV Production job. He had spotted it in Bermondsey Market and knew I would love it – we had been to Venice and I fell in love with all the palazzos and their over the top interiors. Looking back over the years we’ve been together I have gotten some amazing gifts from him. I’m trying to think what wonderful presents I had got him in return but I can’t think of any – apart from the children! I guess in his line of work he has the opportunity to find unique objects. Where as I, tend to give more practical/functional gifts to him. New socks, shirts, sweaters - just not as fun. I would love to get him a made-to-measure shirt or handmade shoes, something a little bit special and unique. But he would only complain I am trying to smarten him up. .

It sometimes amazes me how I ended up married to a man who really does not give much thought to how he looks or dresses. Whereas I will agonise what to wear and make a real deal if I had a bad hair day. Opposites attract as they say! I once convinced him to buy a smart jacket - which he has only worn once. Said it was too crunchy and made him look square shaped….I ask you, what can I do? He has the most horrible pair of trainers that he wears for work. I call them the ugly plastic shoes. For a man his age (turning 40 in the summer) shouldn’t he have something a bit more sophisticated?  Maybe some designer trainers by Helmet Lang or Lanvin trainers if he still insists on wearing something sporty. 


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