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Things I need/want to buy – some are sexy fashiony items for me, others are boring household things as everything is over 8 years old and needs replacing. When I used to work in Fashion (Women’s weekly mags – never could get work for a monthly, oh the hierarchy in the fashion biz). I always used to make 3 key purchases each season – coat, shoes, dress. I still follow this rule but now I add a new bag as well.

Alexa Mulberry bag – don’t ask me why I have to have it, its does look a bit like an over-grown school satchel but I think the ink blue colour way would be perfect this Spring/Summer. I don’t really do ‘IT’ bags anymore I try to get more classical bags that will last a long time. OK small admission I do have the Bayswater bag – but I don’t think of it as an IT bag compared to the Roxy. My original IT bag the Fendi Baguette bag dates back to the late 1990’s, which I still use occasionally when out in the evening. It’s the perfect size for keys, phone, lippie and small change purse. Like I get to go out much! My 7 year old niece has more of a social life compared to me.

Rupert Sanderson patent heels – I’m craving a glossy shine on my feet and he has some lovely looking shoes this season. Christian Louboutin has something similar and I love the drama of the red soles but once worn away it doesn’t look as good – how do you maintain them? Would you need to go to a special cobbler to get them re-soled? Or do you polish the soles after each wear? Can you get bright red shoe polish? I know Clarks sell pink shoe polish as Curly Haired Beauty has a tube. I’m probably sounding too practical here but shoes are made to be worn. 

Alice Temperley dress, something summery, light and fluttery which can worn to weddings, premieres, special meals out etc. Which Alice does so well. She has some top sample sales which always comes up at the right time at the 20th Century Studios in Westbourne Grove.

Instead of a coat – I will swap it for a chalky linen pastel jacket by Chloe  or a silk/linen blazer by Tibi
Sabatier Knife set – steel forged – mysteriously all our kitchen knives are blunt, even the Global chef knife isn’t doing what its suppose to do. Even cutting toast is a difficult task. I have never got the hang of sharpening knives and normally D would do this but some things are beyond repair.

Samsung light weight vacuum cleaner – I currently use a pink Henrietta, like a Henry but pink! Its so heavy and is no good for taking up the stairs and it has a habit of falling over when I pull it along. It was a thoughtful/thoughtless gift from my mother-in-law. She came once to look after Curly Haired Beauty for a week, I was back at work full-time and my mum who normally looks after her was on holiday. Unknown to me our hoover had packed in – all it probably needed was a new fuse in the plug but she put it outside near the bins and it rained. So I couldn’t get it fixed. She insisted on buying us a new one as she could see I was upset by her actions. I said please can it be pink – not thinking she would be able to find one. But she did and that’s why I have a Henrietta. Yes it does suck up everything but I hate changing the bag. So when I have enough pennies saved I will get a new super light bagless one.

Hungarian goose down pillows – The plumpest softest but supportive pillows ever, like sleeping on a cloud – prices start from 50 quid and I need 4! D thinks I’m mad to spend that much but again the ones we have bought from John Lewis at the start of the marriage are sadly in need of replacing.

I have a friend K and she had the baddest luck ever with all her kitchen white goods breaking down at the same time. She couldn’t work out why that was until I pointed out they were all bought at the same time, used for the same amount of time. Most machines are not built to last more than 10 years as its manufacturer’s evil plot to make you buy new ones! She had to replace everything, cooker, washing machine, fridge, microwave etc. So be warned any couples in a long term relationship – don’t stress over the 7 year itch – but be prepared for all your electrics to be consigned to the landfill/recycled a year later.


  1. Hi there-key items indeed and I smiled to see the fashion items listed before the household stuff-naturally!! I'm after a tan leather bag, but I'll wait to get a good quality find over the boot sales when they start up again!!

  2. I'm in love with a Mulberry - the Daria and I still wish I'd bought an Elgin.

    Oh for the funds to make the key purchases - such a good idea. I need to get a proper job again. My styling work seems mainly confined to private clients and corporate work - you've got a love a Look magazine/kit kat makeover! All my own fault as forgo career for MA. But I know what you mean about hierarchy, I'm now officially out!

    Isn't it dreadful the need to replace household goods. I'd love to but ditto zero capital.

  3. I love the Alexa and your 3 key pieces rule, has given me more food for thought!

  4. SR - Try Wimbledon Car boot (dog racing stadium carpark) is on every Saturday morning come rain or shine. I got some great buys there inc sheepskin coat and rabbit fur jacket, leather biker jacket etc. Also an original Ercol chair - Margaret Howell sells re-conditioned ones for a pretty penny in her store.

    Make Do - hang on in there - I waited 16 months before I could spend again (pregnancy/maternity leave etc.) so this my shopping back with an avengence!

    40's - its a good shopping rule supplemented of course by other temptations!

  5. Hi there-thanks for the Wimbledon tip off, I remember we tried looking for it a few years ago, but no joy-I'll have to try again on a Saturday and I'll google the address details before I go, LOL!

  6. Its not actually in Wimbledon more Merton way - near a double roundabout.
    Plough Lane
    Merton, London SW17 0
    0870 840 8905

  7. I believe you really need/want a set of Shun Knives the ones that stay sharp for a longer time. Then send them back to the factory to be resharpened for free Email me if you'd like some more tips on Kitchen utensils, Cutlery or anything Kitchen wise:) BetterkitchenUtensils@gmail.com


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