I have a hairdo and not a hairdont

I am a very happy woman - I thought Snaz by hair stylist of 7 years could not be replaced. But today I braved the high end salon Charles Worthington - and got the perfect cut. I'm going to be selfish and not reveal M's name but he did exactly what I wanted him to do, as directed and really understood my hair. After having 3 kids in 3 years, hormones left right and center, hair falling out in handfuls and a thyroid condition - I am always surprised I had any crowning glory. But he patiently snipped away, shaped it and hardly using any styling products (just a dot of serum) the finished result and a great blow dry gave me swinging super soft hair in the perfect style to suit my face.

I didn't find the salon anyway intimidating - all the staff were friendly. My only gripe was the chairs you sat in to have your hair washed were a little hard on your bum. At my old salon I have been used to massage chairs where you legs can be extended out for more comfort. Also CW charge £2 for refreshments, its unlimited and you can get pink champagne but I thought it was a little too early for booze so I asked for still water (so pretty steep for just water!). But it came with some little fruit kebabs, which was a nice touch. There was a hard sell of shampoo products recommended to buy but I stuck to my guns and said I didn't need anything right now. So all in all a great success. Curly Haired Beauty noticed straight away when I got home today. Said my hair looked like Aunties (my twin sister) hmmmmm I will take that as a compliment!


  1. Thank goodness for that - I thought we might have to do a search party for Snaz!

  2. I'm so glad you got a cut you like, and I'm sure it looks fabulous! £2 for water does seem a bit steep though!


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